Why to leave ?

Back from Chad, I opened my eyes on our occidental society:

an  alienation by working, which doesn’t let us space to stand back, to change his habits, to travel to discover new horizons or simply dream about another way to live… Nowadays, people running after the watch, because they are afraid they won’t have time to enjoy their little free time after work. As a result, we don’t have time to enjoy simple things anymore. Work is pressuring our lives more and more, imposing us where we have to live, at what rhythm, and as a result the friends we have time to see…

a world of artificial pleasures, as our time is limited, pleasure has to be enjoyed rapidely… We create artificial hapiness, ready to use. Television is passively making us live adventures from our couch. The Internet is assuring the communication with friends we don’t have time to see and enjoy simple moments with them, without having to drink or party…

an over-consumption, not by need, but to reach short-lived pleasures, to buy objects of desir, fastly useless, outmoded, broken… We consume by pulsion, to repress frustrations, the get more confident, to have the impression to live… The society is creating fake needs, always renexed to stimulate this crazy consumption without limit, thus never satisfied…

over-exploited ressources, without realism and thoughs for the futur generations which end up in an unbreathable atmosphere, desorded climat, barren lands, artificial life unable to reproduce itsself, less and less species naturally adapted to their environment… Humans are playing sorcerer’s apprentices, without thinking about the consequences…

an incapacity to produce by itsself what we need, by lack of time, motivation or knowledge. We totally depend on plombers, electricians, mechanicer and supermarkets. We are unable to produce by ourselve the most simple things like bread, yogourt, dry meat, soap… We don’t even take time to pick mushrooms or chestnuts. We buy ready-to-eat dishes, ready-to-live houses… We forgot the simple pleasure of enjoying home made food, or handy made tools…

an atmosphere dominated by fears under all its forms. Since our childhoods, we learn to fear failure and unemployement, to push us to work. Then medias and society maintain a fear from the unkown, the stranger, the people who thinks differently… We beleive their is a rapist or a murderer at each streetcorner while there are mich more nice and welcoming people, just exhausted by a crazy society where they can not fit…

After all these findings, I decided to dicover other ways of living, of eating, of sharing moments with others, of respecting the nature… I am starting a world tour of ecovillage, and any community living in some autonomy, to dicover new and original ways to:

consume local products, which vary a lot according to the regions, so possibilities are numerous

grow food and animals through permaculture, which is a way to feed itsself naturaly by using the natural cicle of life to produce better and more.

produce localy clothes, cheese, ecological houses, dry toilets… Even if I have done long studies, I feel totaly ignorant about all these ways to recover some local autonomy

– consume less energy, while using alternative energies

– live in selfmanaged communities, where everybody enriches itsself in the contact of others, without losing its indivuduality


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