Lacabe ecovillage

Lacabe ecovillage, at 50 kilometres from Pampelune, in Espagne, is the place which inspired me the most so far… This abandonned place was reconstructed by about 15 people 30 years ago. It is now a model of autonomy. 50 people including 17 children are now living there. An organic backery and eco-construction workshops are generating enough money for the village to be financialy self-sufficent. The inhabitants, originaly from the city, became with the time, specialized in eco-constructions. Through great construction projects, they build new houses with stones, straw, cob and used tires. An artisitc touch adds some poetry to each place. Food is 3/4 produced by gardens and animals.

A midwife enables the women to give birth at home. The education of the children is also organized in the village. It encourages the children self-fulfilment, by leting them learn what they want, far from the traditional system. The community is taking decisions and managing conflicts thanks to two weekly assemblies. They leave in groups of about 10 people, rather than in family. The whole community is sharing a meal together once a week. Electricity is produced by solar panels, a water turbine  and a wind generator. The produced electricity is enough to feed the houses lighting, the two fridges and the grain mill. They use some cars fueled with used filtered oil.


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