The beginning of the trip

The trip could not have start better, with this animated carpooling toward Paris. We were four people representing each one a decade from 19 to 52. As the miles went by, we discovered each other and started to rebuild the world… In 5 hours, each one could criticize this crazy society where we are not fitting completely. Anna, 38 years old, half Laotian, half Thai, but living in France since his childhood, especially touched me. She worked 70 hours a week. She is divorced with no child. She just experienced a break down at the beginning of the week. She fells work took much from her, but after so many sacrifices she is not ready yet to let it go… Would work be a drug? When she is speaking about her fishermen family in Thailand, she is making me dreaming. I hope I can visit them and in the meanwhile, I wish Anna will find a better balance in her life…

Every departure starts with goodbyes. After a lot of goodbyes, we start to wonder if we should leave. We doubt about our motivation and think we could maybe find answers just next to the people we love… But travel euphoria stays stronger. To leave to enrich myself and come back to share my discoveries… Last night in Paris, no sleep, everybody is sharing his next trip itinerary. Will a cross my way cross their? I don’t know yet. Acordion and drums music isechoing in the night, coming from a crazy night bus where people danse, laugh, simply live! Making me realize a few can make the difference, can make every day more lively…


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