Udaïpur/Bikaner : from a lake view to the desert beauty

After more than 30 hours of bus, we finally arrive in one of the most beautiful city of Rajastan: Udaïpur. We found there a fairy tale room with a beautiful view on the lake and the city Palace. We spent hours admiring the sunset and the sun down from the terrace or from our beds in alcove. We could also see the women washing clothes in a festival of colors, and the men washing themselves without much « pudeur ». We randomly were there during a big Muslim day called the Maouloud. The city was then covered with colorful banderoles. All the men wore nice weight clothes, and the women wore beautiful saris. They walked the whole day in the street with joyful music and stopping regularly to eat and drink tea for free. The whole city was partying, even the rickshaws were covered with flowers. We joined the party by sharing teas and talks in the animated streets. I spent the last afternoon in Udaïpur biking around the lake and getting voluntary lost in small streets, far from the touristic agitation…
As soon as we arrived in Bikaner, we joined the Camel festival, at the doors of the desert. The camels, all beautiful decorated, were waiting in the middle of the sand dunes, under a heavy sun. Some even get fur cutted to make nice arabesques. The whole day was animated by various competitions from catch to camel races. Several students talked with us to improve their English, to take pictures and to know us better. Some women also tried to communicate with us, even if they didn’t speak English. Their saris were even more beautiful in the desert, with their long transparent veils, letting us see the belly button and numerous bracelets and jewelries. The next day, we followed the camel entrance in the city with decorated horses and young girls in colorful saris. We admire women and camel danses the whole afternoon.

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