Agra: pilgrims of love

We arrived in our guesthouse with a beautiful view on the Taj Mahal just in time for Anaïs’ birthday. What a nice gift! A thick smog was slowly disappearing, letting us enjoy the weight marble of the monument, incrusted with semi-precious stones. Why is it so famous? He isn’t more impressive than some palaces we already visited, and a lot smaller. I think it is because he is the symbol of an absolute love of a maharadja for his wife, who died while giving birth. This maharadja could only admire the finished monument from the window of the prison, where he was kept by his own son! Millions of Indians pilgrims are coming to venerate the grab of the couple, inside the monument. They are turning around the grab like pilgrims going to Mecca, but they are rather venerating love than a religion. According to me, the interests are more around the Taj Mahal, than inside. All these people coming from all over India, from different regions, different castes, different ages and backgrounds are really beautiful to observe. You can see Buddhist monks, as well as people from rural areas and beautiful saris…



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