Welcome in Thailand

I finally won’t visit Nepal, because it is already raining too much to be able to enjoy trekking there. So we rapidly go back to Kolkata to get a cheap flight for Bangkok. When I arrived there, I have the feeling I am on another planet. The saris have disappeared to give room to ultra-mini shorts and tithed tops. In the subway, on the way to the train station, all the young Thai are glued to their phones, playing games. Far from the Indian animation and disorder, we landed in an aseptisized, climatized city where the anonymous looks don’t even cross anymore…

We only spent a few hours in Bangkok to wait for the train. I have to admit, it is pleasant not to have to squeeze on a crowded banc. Nevertheless the timing is still as bad as in India. We arrived at Pierre’s house in the night, but he welcomed us anyway warmly with bottles of beers and whisky.J

I met Pierre when he was working in Paris. Meanwhile he got married to a Thai women, settled in North East Thailand and opened a small shop along the road. We spent great moment with him, his wife and children, learning the basis of Thai, planting taro, cooking “papaya salad” (very spicy) and having barbecues.

After a week there, I decided to go North, while Fabien preferred to go South. So we split. It is rather difficult to travel with someone after enjoying travelling alone… I only spent one day in Chiang Mai doing some shopping to be prepared to live at Permapai, a starting project with no electricity and current water. I nevertheless took time to visit some nice temples in Chiang Mai…

I spent just one day in Chiang Mai shopping to be prepared to stay at Permapaï, a new project, without electricity or current water. I visit some beautiful Buddhist temples on the way…




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