My first steps hitch hicking :)

Finally I did it, and it works! I have to admit I was not feeling very confident when I started alone by the side of the road, not even knowing what sign to do to stop the vehicles (here you just rise your arm, not your thumb). A few people stopped to indicate me the bus station, but I persisted in waiting my first ride. Finally a motorbike stopped to drive me to Chiang Mai. I had preferred a car, but the driver kindly lent me his helmet, so I had no reason to refuse. We then started to follow the mountains roads for 3 hours to Chiang Mai, very beau

tiful, even if my ass was very painful afterwards!

After a night spent in Chiang Mai, I have to join Chiang Rai where two Hungarian couchsurfeurs are expecting me. After an hour and a half waiting without success, I decide to take a large tuk-tuk going in my direction. He let me at a bus station, but the bus is only in 40 minutes. So I try my chance again. And after only 10 minutes, a couple takes me at the back of their car. I finished a little wet but I reached my destination! Simon and his roommate introduced me to their work in a local NGO and their favorite restaurant and bar. The next day, I am hosted in Chiang Kong by Patricia, a S

panish girl working for the same NGO in a girl shelter. This time; I take the bus because it is just 2 hours away, and it would have taken the same amount of time just to go out of the city walking. We walked around in the rice fields and along the Mekong river, ending following a “step” class at the sunset. I could not expect a better time there.

The next day I reach Laos by crossing the Mekong river on a small canoe. The visa formalities don’t take much time, and I am soon again by the side of the road, waiting for a lift. A couple stops to take m

e, but the communication us very hard. My few Thai sentences don’t help me anymore here… They let me at a market a few kilometers away. Another truck takes me, but he soon starts to stop every 10 minutes for 20 minutes. I would be faster walking! I don’t understand what the pro


crossing the Lao border with my small bag

blem is, so I just left even if the small mountain road was empty. Nevertheless, soon another big truck takes me almost to my destination. The mountain is covered by a luxurious jungle full of banana trees. We cross many small villages with their wooden piloties houses in the middle of the rice fields, amazing! I missed to go intersection to reach the city, but fortunately another car brings me back downtown. The two guys even proposed me to go with them at a karaoke and go with them the Vientiane. It is tempting as I

am planning to go there in a few days, but I stick to my plan of helping a local trekking for a few days, maybe in exchange of a cheap trek…



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