Luang Namtha, in the middle of the Laotian tribes

Luang Namtha is a small city in the middle of the Laotian mountains, surrounded by a jungle where many tribes are still living. I met there Vanh and his brother who are managing a small trekking agency called “along the Namtha’” after the local river. I help them a little bit to advertise their agency, and take some time to visit small villages around, playing ukulele in the middle of the rice fields. A learn a lot about the Laotian culture, even if the communication is still not easy as in small villages they speak various dialects. In the evening, I usually meet the few other tourists at the night market around a noodle soup and a Lao beer, to share travels tips and stories. It just give me the desire to never stop travelling, so many nice place to discover!

After a few days, I decide to go for a 3-days trekking with an Israeli couple and a Swedish guy. I rather continue to visit things by myself, but the deap jungle is protected and full of mines from the American war. We walked long hours in the amazing jungle with hundred years old trees, bath in waterfall, play music with the trees and have great meals on banana leafs. We learn how to use fishing net and cook the bamboo sprouts in various ways. We spent one night in a village from the “Lantern tribe”. The women are still wearing the traditional clothes, they are producing themselves. But otherwise, the road has brought cement houses and electricity has installed a TV in each houses, get all the attention of the villagers…



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