Dreamtime, a little piece of paradise

 Dreamtime is a guest house situated 25km outside Vientiane, in a remote place next to a nice river and waterfalls. Mike and Michelle, an Australian/Belgium couple, are welcoming visIMG_7897itors all year long and serve them great food. The houses are in recycled wood and lay on piles surrounded by water because of the termites. The atmosphere is very relaxed. Sitting on mats, people eat, drink tea or beers, smoke, play music or chess, talk about travels… before bathing in the waterfall!

They also sometimes host a few volunteers, usually tourists who love the place so much, they decide to stay longer and help. I spend a few days there cleaning paths, repairing houses, serving meals and making dreamcatchers. But I was not learning so many things about permaulture, so I just continued my way to the south…

I had to stop in VientiaIMG_7904ne to make my 2 months-visa for Thailand. It was an occasion to follow people, I met before hitchhincking, to a local karaoke. I couldn’t sing because they only had Laotian love songs available. But is was vunny and every singer got a score at the end…

After trying some insects on the market, I take a night bus for Pakse, to reach a coffee, tea and pepper plantation on the Bolavens plateaux.


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