Tacomepai, between adventure and learning

I am back in Tacomepai for a 2-weeks class on the permaculture theory and practice. I am impressed by the amount of knowledge we have been sharing. I felt like a sponge! The day usually starts at 6:30 am by gathering fire wood, working in the paddy fields, following a cooking or yoga class. Then we gather ater breakfast in the class room for some theory before putting it into practice. This way, we plant tree, dig dams, built a water filter, make compost, EM and wood vinegar and even design and plant our own vegetable garden.

Apart from the classic permaculture teachings, we discover the traditional way to live in Northern Thailand, learning how to make coconut oil, tofu, fermented soy bean pancakes, natural soap and of course tousands way to use bamboo. We spent 2 days in the jungle, cooking the food we found on the way (mushrooms, roots, leaves and flowers) and the sticky rice in a piece of bamboo. And thanks to the help of a few Thai people, we built a nice bamboo hut to spend the night. I was so glad I invested in a good machete. The next morning, we learned how to do bamboo baskets before bathing in a waterfall. Such nice experiences! The evenings were a little quitter, playing music around a fire, watching fire shows or some permaculture documentaries. Thanks to Bank, we always had amazing vegan Thai food for our meals, and also some homemade drinks. Delicious!

I learned so much, not only from Sandot, Chen ou Dan (our official teachers) but from all the participants and volunteers. We were about 30 people from the states, South Africa, France, Scotland, Australia, Thailande, Malaysia… with various backgrounds and project, but with the same motivation! We finished the class by designing our own projects in small groups. Now I have plenty of friends to visit and help around Asia and the world!

Once the class was finished, Emmanuelle, who volunteered 2 years in Togo with the same organization as me, arrived. We talked for hours about our African experience while working at the farm. I could stay forever at Tacompai, but I had to leave to visit a high school friend, who happens to be in Pattaya.

Here are the pictures:

fields 3


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