From Pataya to Ko Phangan Island: vacation time !

I was very lucky when I left Pai, because a car drove me to Bangkok directly so I didn’t have to take the train as I planned first. I spend the week-end with an old school friend and her boyfriend, in Pataya. They have an amazing apartment with swimming pool, beach and an amazing view! We spent great time eating sticky rice with mango, talking about the good old time and discovering a new restaurant concept: Condom & Cabbage.

I also visited Imke, I met in Tacompai during the permaculture class, to help him with his project. He showed me around, and we started to clean the swimming pool where he wants to introduce fishes…

Then, I spent a week in the Daruma farm, a few kilometers from Pataya. It is a big house for volunteers and home schooling, surrounded by pounds, gardens, fruit trees and many animals. Neil, the owner, is growing pigs, ducks, fishes, chicken, sheeps and more… I spent my time making raised beds, taking care of the animals, reading and cooking Indian and Thai food.

I also spent a few days in Bangkok, couchsurfing with a guy from Cameroun. He made me discover the African community of Bangkok, with its own bars, music, language, codes and habits. I was amazed; I had the impression to be back in Chad!

I finished this « vacation time » on the Ko Phangan Island. I was planning the woof there, but the “nudist” law of the place made me escape! So I ended up on Karel’s balcony, just over the sea. It was wonderful to fall asleep with the waves’ sound. I went hiking and snorkeling. Good resting time.

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One thought on “From Pataya to Ko Phangan Island: vacation time !

  1. It’s so good to feel you happy Vali, enjoying fully this amazing and diverse experience you’re having in south Asia. keep telling your stories and say hi to the Chad community in Bangkok!!! bises. Ali

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