Vipassana meditation: a new life is starting :)



a great view

I met so many people enthusiastic about this 10-days meditation retreat that I had to try myself. Bu  t 10 days of full silence, intensive meditation, no reading, or writing, or even drawing or playing music sounded unbearable for me. Nevertheless, every new traveler I met was explaining me how much this meditation time changed his life. So what is 10 days compared to my whole life time, not even 1%! So it seems worth it to “sacrifice” these 10 days, if it can help me for the rest of


great vegetarian food

my life J I subscribe several time to retreat in India or Thailand, but cancelled at the last minute, not feeling ready yet. I waited until I was determined enough to be sure to stay for 10 days, and not quit before the end. I finally follow the 10-days meditation retreat in Penang, Malaysia and I don’t regret it!

I never meditated in the past, and from one day to another, I strated meditating for 10 hours a day! It was really hard at beginning, but it became easier, enjoyable and finally almost necessary. By concentering on my breath and my sensations, I understood by experience, how to control my emotions, my desires, my pains, my regrets… In 10 days I progressively purify my mind, thanks to this little “peace bubble” surrounding me: no external influence could disturb me, I was just face to face with myself. My mind became so


a great team who all made it to the end !

much clearer, my thoughts so much brighter, and I felt so lighter. All these frustrations, deceptions, regrets, also called « sankara », accumulated in the past, started to dissolve, to create a clear slate to build the future. I left the place with a clear vision of the present, myself and what I want to achieve in the future…


Every evening, a long discourse was explaining us the origin and the theory behind this fantastic technic. It follows the Buddha teaching, aiming at getting detached and reaching enlightenment. Nevertheless, it is a universal technic, not linked with any religion. It is free, and you can give a donation only after you finished the 10 days. Vipassana centers exist all over the world, so if you want more about it, just have a look on this website:


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