Penang Island: great food in the middle of fishing villages

After 10 days of mediation, I discover Malaysia is a very cosmopolitan country, inhabited by Chinese and Indians since several decades (work force during the colonization) and attracting today Asian (most developed country in Asia) and Muslin (developed but cheap Muslim country) people. It is hard at first to find native malai and typical food because so many cultures are mixed together… I first arrived in “Little India” where I recognized the Indian clothes and tast without the bad smell and crazy noise. But in a way, these luxurious shops are so far from the “real” India.

I am hosted by Turkish and Iranian people, next to the University. They gave me great food, show me Iranian dancing, and just give me the desire to stay longer in Penang. So after a few days in Kuala Lumpur, I am back in Penang, to take the time to enjoy its food (the best in Malaysia), its beaches, garden, fishing villages and trekking trail. I also finally can visit KK’s secret garden (a permaculture project of a friend I met in Thailand)

I learn a few words in Malay, Perse and Arabic, as I am discovering foods from all these countries… I also enjoy cooking some French and Indian food for my hosts, with the help of another American girl. And I keep meeting people from all around the world, students from Europe or simple travelers…

To see more pictures:



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