Azlan’s graden: a surprising community…

I left Penang Island by hitchhiking to go back to Azlan’s garden in Kuala Lumpur. A spend about a week in total in this surprising place, a green peaceful place hidden in the middle of a crazy city. Sunflowers and sweet potatoes have grown up since my last visit, while new visitors have arrived. I already know André, a Lithuanian DJ found of reiki and Mad Mitch, a crazy Australian bikker healing himself with electricity and purified water… Pascal, a very spiritual French musician just arrived. All these personalities give a special atmosphere to the place where it feels good to share ideas and think about life…


So I spend most of my day talking, playing ukulele, and from time to time, I put some horse manure in the garden or wept some leaves. We spent a great afternoon playing music in a river with bamboo and other crazy instruments. Azlan, the landlord, is also the head of the green party (illegal in Malaysia). So it is a very public figure and I follow him to many public events: art gallery inauguration, young managers meeting, karaoke, and even his mum birthday! I meet many interesting people, but I feel uncomfortable in this huge city where I only see pollution and craziness. I can stay insensible to plastic waste and overconsumption, for example, I see them everywhere. So I rapidly move south to work in a farm growing organic rice…

Here are some picutres:



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