Kahang Ecofarm: my new playground

I continue to hitchhike, but I arrive at night because a woman forced me to take the bus (and paid for it!). The next day, I wake up in paradise… Walking under a green alley, I can see colorful floating houses reflecting in the pond. The place is beautiful and the sunsets are amazing. Many bridge in recycle material link the houses to the land and the dinning bridge. Adventure trails, bamboo boats, fishing and resting areas are waiting for the tourists…

I start working on one of the floating house (almost finished). It is an amazing technic: the house is floating over about 140 giant plastic buckets full of water. Then I start to work on my own projects. The managers are very open-minded and curious. It’s the perfect occasion to apply all I learned in Asia before leaving the continent. I am surprised of all the new competences I gathered…

I start to dry banana trunks for their fibers, construct a structure to plant onion in bamboo, prepare coconut oil, compost, raised beds and hanging flower pots. I even construct a clay oven with the help of Ben, a Canadian volunteer. I learn how to use newspapers to make lamps and other accessories and how to make a chicken eggs nursery. And I also start to teach how to use banana fibers, make compost or pancakes (the cook was so happy)…

At the beginning we are only 3 French volunteers, and then Ben arrives. We spend great evenings talking and laughing with the Indonesian, Nepali and Malaysian workers around a barbecue or a few beers. Bakhta, a Nepali worker, is always fighting with Meng, the Malaysian cook in their own personal version of English language. “You go backside!”. It is then painful to leave all of them to catch my plane for Australia. If I didn’t have the flight ticket yet, I would have stayed much longer. The onions, beans, pumpkins and ladyfingers I planted, are just starting to grow and the clay oven isn’t dry enough to cook inside… But the seeds are planted!

Here are some pictures:

beautiful floating houses


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