Bellbunya: discovering a young community

Just 5 years ago, a dozen of people decided to live together. They created then an association to be able to buy a piece of land. By chance they found a huge place with already numerous rooms, kitchens and 6 construction permits. They just had to sell a few of these permits to the future members and get a mortgage at the bank to settle together on the land. Nowadays the rental enables to repay the bank, but nobody started to build his own house yet…

Some members left, others arrived, but it’s still about a dozen people who gather every evening to share diner in the “Bunya House”, the common house. Some members are “on trial”, others are guests, permanents volunteers or woofers. For the other meals, each one cooks his own dish in a very organized kitchen: colors warn you what food you should not use and notes remind you to clean, where to put things or that the garden is full of zucchinis!

A sailing acupuncture doctor, a reiki healer cook, a sport coach found of veggie juices, a shiatsu massage master, and many others, are making this place very special, full of positive energy. And the food is very healthy: a lot of raw organic food, not much gluten or dairy. Many charts help to organize the life of the community: dinner cooking, week planning, tasks for volunteers, common car booking…

I spend 2 weeks there with Hélène, I met in Crystal Waters and I have to surprise to realize Dan lives there (I met him in Tacomepai, Thailand, the world is so small!). We mostly work in the garden and do some cleaning and painting. I discover the art of making raw juices, received a reiki healing, a shiatsu massage and even some acupressure treatment! So we left the community with a heavy hart to go prepare the Woodford festival…

Here are the pictures:



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