Crystal waters: discovering an eco-village

I first have the impression that Crystal Waters isn’t a real “community” anymore, because everybody has his own piece of land and his own work outside the community. It is true that with 250 inhabitants it would be hard to share meals, showers or laundry places. But after spending more time there, I realize that everybody know each other and often meet for a drink at Gordon’s, around the bakery or a good movie. So Crystal Waters has the atmosphere of a little village were people help each other, exchange products of their gardens or animals or even share the care of a few cows…

Permaculture is one of the main values of the village, but it can take very different form: from the little kitchen garden to the luxurious “all automatic watered” garden, from the small wood shelter to the last high-tech energy saving devices, from tree planting to cheese, beer or bread producing… Everybody has his own way to make the world greener as a simple hobby or a philosophy of life. From the small hippie community, Crystal Waters had become a wide “eco-village” in 25 years. Even if cars are still numerous, solar panels, compost toilets, veggie gardens, fruit trees, dams and rain water tanks, as well as grey water filters are all over the place!

I was hosted by Stephane, a French inhabitant since 8 years, very involved. He knows everybody, is always ready to help his neighbors, has a great nursery and plants a lot of local trees. He also sells some eggs and home-made cheese. So I learn many different ways to produce cheese, from fresh to cooked or pressed ones… I even learn how to harvest honey! Thanks to him, I meet many other people, with who I could exchange ideas about communities and visit houses with interesting architecture… I also had the pleasure to help to prepare a concert and organize a handcraft workshop…

Here are the pictures:

making lamps, and bracelets


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