Goolawah cooperative: gardening in the middle of the kangaroos and wallabies

I only spent one night in Sydney, but I had time to visit the backstage of the famous opera and to go around the numerous gardens and botanical parks. After 10 months in Asia, everything looks cleaner, wither, richer and healthier here… It is a strange impression: the whole city looks green, full of space and light, almost a dream. It is the first city I visit, which seems welcoming (if we forget about the crazy high prices): so many parks, nice people, and the see next door.

When I arrived at the Goolawah cooperative, about 5 hours from Sydney, I enjoy some very simple pleasures like drinking milk and eating cheese! I discover a lot of wild animals like iguanas, kangaroos, wallabies (and fortunately I don’t meet any deadly snake) while working in the garden. I prepare the beds to plants new veggies seedlings and rearrange the water dripping system. I learn how to brew homemade beer and fruity wines, and I even got my 1st surf lesson! I discover I few beautiful beaches, caves and hills, so cleaner than in Asia. I also see my first forest fire just a few meters from my caravan, kind of scary. I also enjoy using my new art craft knowledge by making newspaper lamps and banana fibers underplats. 

And I take some time to observe the cooperative organization. Founded 13 years ago by the bought of a huge land, it has now been separated in many small lots or “share” so that about 40 families can leave there. The beginning has been very slow and only a few pioneers really came to live on the land. But nowadays, next to the caravans, people start to construct nice shelters or brick houses in the middle of nice pounds and kangaroos. Everybody arrange his piece of land as he wants, but many houses have gardens, chickens, compost toilets and solar panels… The community gathers every month to discuss important issues. Right now, everybody wonders about the state council who just acknowledged the community and is now checking if every single house complies with the law… It is going to be a long fight probably to defend compost toilets and grey water management system, as this state is not used to this kind of alternative projects.

Here are the pictures:



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