An internship with the bamboo’s king !!

Since my arrival in Australia, everybody is telling me about the Folk festival of Woodford, which seems to be the biggest and the nicest in the country. I have never been to a music festival, so I can’t miss it. Thanks to Stephan, I find a way to volunteer during the set-up in exchange of a free entrance ticket (worth 500$!).

So I start to work with Chris, the bamboo’s king. He lives in a small wood house in the forest. He is an artist able to build lions with leaves, koalas with raffia and boats with bamboo… For Woodford, we have to build giant lotus petals in bamboo. So for a week we gather the raw material around his house, and help him in his garden. I discover there the chocolate pudding fruit, a kind of avocado tasting like chocolate, amazing! I met Juju there, who cooks us a delicious Korean diner for her birthday.

We spend the second week at Woodford building the petals. We can see the festival emerging step by step from the earth. Tents, lanterns, costumes, musicians, visual arts and monsters arrive like little ants every day. Not less than 300 volunteers work under a burning sun, before being able to relax in the evening around talent shows and drum sessions. I enjoying learning to work with bamboo during the day and talking with travelers from around the world in the evening…

Here are the pictures:



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