Let’s party: from Christmas to Woodford!

After the festival’s preparation, I have a few days off to spend Christmas at Crystal Waters with Stephane, but also Lara and Heather, I met at the Zaytouna Farm, Evy, Kevin, Sephane’s kids and some others who all made this day wonderful. We decorate the house and even prepare a little Christmas tree. Under the stars, we enjoy some good cheese (of course!), some wine and many dishes, people cooked with love: gazpacho, lasagna, bourguignon beef, tiramisu…  Nothing is missing as gifts are passing among us in the middle of laughs. I didn’t imagine a Christmas in summer could be so nice! And the best gift: the Alsatian cookies my mum sent me made it through the Australian costumes!!

And then, the craziness of the Woodford Folk Festival started: dozen of concerts, shows and conferences at the same time. It is hard to not miss anything! I spend time listening to ecological debates, enjoying circus shows, Brazilian dances, artcraft workshops, Babylone Circus and many others concerts… Venues are full of costumes, lanterns, parades and monsters!! Indeed, this year focus is “be friend with your inner monster”. The most magical moments are the opening and the closing ceremony, and especially the sun rise on the 1st of January with Tibetans songs, surrounded by gypsies and hippies…

I worked a few hours every day at Common Ground, an organic restaurant, in exchange of free meals. I then had the occasion to discover the community managing the restaurant, called “twelve tribes”. They are from Sydney where they have a permanent coffee shop and a farm. They share everything: meals, work, finances and love! I spend great time talking and cooking with them, as they are all very friendly. They are also very religious and follow some very strict principles, which could assimilate them to a sect… But it is hard to judge a community without living with them. I only can say that they all looked very happy and full of love among them and for others…

Here are the pictures:

the village green


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