One year in the paths of life…

One year ago exactly I was flying to India, with some anxiety to travel by myself, I have to admit. But today I enjoy traveling with no plans with a simple backpack making the most of every new place or people crossing my road…

This travel made me win the time lottery

Better than a million dollars, I won the time to learn, to discover, to share, to know myself, to think about life, to understand the world… I am now feeling more at peace with myself, with the others and with the Earth…

I first learnt to know myself. By observing my attitudes, I discovered my addictions, my expectations, my reactions towards the outside world… I realize what my true needs were, outside of the consumption world. I discovered I could not eat during 5 days, meditation during 10 days, not use money during 1 month, not have a house for 1 year… I learnt how to better feed my body and my spirit!

I also observed people around me from Laotian rice fields to Australian outback: very different cultures, but such a similar human nature! I learnt how to ask questions, accept the answers and open my heart to differences… I understood that we all have a partial vision of our world, incomplete, but all valid. I learnt to be humble, to trust others, to observe, to listen. I understood that living in a community is going to be a social challenge!

I finaly learn how to respect our Mother Earth. I understood how we hurt her, and how I could feed myself without polluting and destroying her. I discovered dozen of ways to be part of the ecosystem again (producing no waste). Here again each vision is worthwhile and adaptable to the land. I am excited now to put all these learning into practice on a land…


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