Bali: offerings in the middle of the rice fields

To be back in Asia is a real pleasure, I can enjoy again the beautiful rice fields, very cheap dishes, temple all over the place and smiles !! I discover Bali with amazement. House temples aren’t a small table any more, but enormous structures and flowers offering in coconut baskets are covering the street. People pray less than in India, but they make offerings and ceremony all the time! Women spend hours every day to prepare the offerings they will spread around the house or use in larger ceremonies with the whole family.  Lara and me are trying to learn the art of preparing offerings with the coconuts leaves…

I spend the first days in Kuta, adating to the Balinese culture. I met there young people belonging to the Permablitz movement. They gather every weekend to transform somebody backyard into an organic garden. Then Lara joined me and we settled for a few days between Kuta and Ubud, in a cute house in a small village. We met the neighbours and have time to visit the beautiful « Green School » constructed only with bamboo… Such an amazing place !


We then spend two nights in Ubud in a new ayurvedic center and hosted by a couchsurfer. Enough time to enjoy an ayurvedic massage, a yoga lesson, discovering some local handy craft, visiting a spices plantation and getting lost in the rice fields… I convinced Lara to hitch-hike around. We never wait more than 5 minutes, and it is a great way to met many people and learn the Indonesian language. So we hitch-hiked to the North of Bali to reach Bedugul and meet papa Jero. But this is another story…

And here are the pictures:

very atistic !!


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