From Brisbane to Darwin: hitch-hiking in the Australian outback

Lara and me traveled 6 days to reach Darwin, 3 200 km away from the Sunshine coast. Fortunately, hitch-hiking has never been easier, because heat could reach easily 40°C. Stephan drove us on the first hundred kilometers, and 4 rides later we spent our first night in a public garden surrounded by wallabies. The next day, after two nice ride, we meet Wayne and Dave, truck drivers carrying glass windows and doors. They are almost finishing their day, but they will drive us far tomorrow. So we camp in a private house garden and wake up at 5am to hit the road with our new friends. The sunset on the road is amazing, but ends up in a brutal encounter with a kangaroo. There are unfortunately many of them smashed on the side of the road. This 3rd day, we travelled 1200km in a dry savanna with very small hills with trees or red sand full of termites mounts. We cross a few towns every 200km: it is better to not run out of gas !

We spent our 4th night near a natural warm swimming pool in rocks in the middle of a tropical forest. We cooked bunya nuts on the fire, we enjoyed with some left over of cheese: simple but delicious! The spot was so magic that we decided to stay there the whole morning. So we only hitch-hiked 100km that day, to reach Katherine. We met there many aboriginal people and finaly spent the night in their garden, discovering their history and their culture around a few beers… Hitch-hiking and camping enabled us to meet amazing people, whose stories taught us different sides of the Australian life. We learned a lot about aboriginal people, cattle and mining business but also the ecological issues of Australia.

We traveled to last hundred kilometers with a family, and stopped on the way to see a beautiful waterfall. We spent one night at their place before couchsurfing in Darwin. Darwin is a quiet little town, and it’s good to be able to rest there for a few days before starting the Indonesian adventure…

Here are the picture:



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