Papa Jero: a gambelan player who became a businessman

The story of Papa Jero isn’t common. Three years ago, he was leaving in a small house without hot water with his wife and three children. He had no job and spent his days talking and playing gambelan, a traditional music instrument made with bamboo. One day, he went back home with a Swiss guy he met on the road. The Swiss boy felt in love with his daughter…

Three years later, his daughter is leaving in Switzerland and has a 1_year old daughter. Papa Jero is managing a guest house, a coffee cooperative and want to create a English learning center and maybe a restaurant… He has too many ideas, talk with everybody, has many employees and a car. Every Saturday evening, the whole village gather at his place to dance and play gambelan.

Lara and me spent one week with Papa Jero’s familly, cleaning his guest house, weeding his corn field or following him in his business meetings. We really shared his family daily life, learning how to cook Balinese dishes and going to a ceremony in the main temple of Bali. We also start to learn how to play gambelan and the traditional drum.

Here are the pictures:

Gambelan lesson with papa Jero


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