Putu Budi’s farm: a real lost paradise

We were surely meant to cross Putu Budi’s path considering how we randomly met him! I exchanged emails with a Malaysian guy welcoming volunteers in his farm. But then I couldn’t reach him once in Bali. So we decided to look for the farm ourselves by hitch-hicking to the small village of Pelapuam. As we were still far away, Putu Budi’s, the real owner of the farm, stopped to offer us a ride, while he hasn’t been in his farm for 2 weeks ! We would never have found the farm without this unexpected chance !!

Budi’s lifestory looks a lot like a success story. As a child, he didn’t possess much… But thanks to his creativity and ambition, he decided to invest in wood and glass handycraft. He is now exporting his artcraft around the world, has 3 shops in Ubud, 3 farms, 2 wifes and 5 children !

We spent 2 great weeks in Budi’s farm cutting grass and taking care of the fruit trees (coconuts, cacao, coffee, mangustine, pineapple, banana, durian, longan…). We also played in mud to improve the kitchen and make a shower. Budi really shared his passion, teaching us how to cook the fruits & veggies from his farms and helping us to understand the Balinese culture: for example, never hang laundries too high to avoid offending the spirits!

Benji, a friend I met in Malaysia, joined us during the last days. After a last night under the full moon eating fish by the sea and meditating in the forest, I had to leave all my travel companions to fly alone to Turkey. A new adventure is ready to begin…

Here are the picture:

construction a guest house

If you want to volunteer in Putu Budi’s farm, you can directly contact him here by sending  him this contact form:


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