Mehmet: the raw food king !!

I spent 10 days in Mehmet’s « farm » near Izmit. I spent a few hours working in his garden and greenhouses and I showed him how to make compost. But where I really spent my time was in his kitchen. Mehmet is a raw food chef. So he only cooks with veggies, nuts and spices. He also uses a lot of “super food”: food recognized for their health properties like spirulina, maca (Peruvian roots), raw chocolate, chia seeds or turmeric…

Twice a week, we prepared « life boxes » containing raw food meals for three days which are sent all around Turkey to people who want to eat healthier food. I discovered a new univers. I understood how by blending, soaking fermenting and drying, you can almost prepare everything with veggies and nuts: bread, cheese, pasta, pies, lasagna and even burgers !!

We also prepared our own meals of course. So I eat raw food for 10 days. At first, I have the impression the meals stayed on my stomach, but at least I wasn’t feeling hungry. After 10 days, I felt lighter and fitter: I didn’t need to spend so much energy to digest all these starch… Eating raw food was now a pleasure, especially with such a choice of meals, and some really delicious! I missed raw food when I left the place, but took a lot of great recipes with me, I can’t wait to prepare them again!! Here are some receipies…

Here are the pictures:



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