Happy hitch-hiking towards Pamukkale

I hitch-hiked from Lisinia with Adele from Canada and Fahmy from Indonesia. Hitch-hiking at 3 is a lot easier than I though (especially form the lost village where were staying at), and a lot more fun ! We arrive early in Denizli and we spend the evening playing music and talking with our hosts Emre et Burak, students at the Pamukkale University.
The next day, we hitch-hike to Pamukkale to see its famous limestone formation. Trying to enter the place sideways, we meet a Turkish couple who bring us to the paragliding site and then to beautiful caves. Another lucky day !
Adele leaves us the next day to reach Croatia and I continue to hitch-hike with Fahmy. We leave late and have to spend the night on the road, at the back of a truck ! We finaly reach a lost village near Izmir, where a crazy guy is building the first Earthship of Turkey !! We walked the last kilometers to enjoy the mountaines covered with flowers and goats…

Here are the pictures:

another hitch-hiker already in the truck !!


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