The Lisinia project: nature and wild life protection

The project started in 2007, when Öztürk, a veterinary doctor, decided to buy about 250 hectares of land. He wanted to reach various goals:
– Create a rehabilitation center for the wild animals hurted by hunters. The center is now healing mostly eagles and owls and one wild pig. The animals are released once healed.
– Create a educational center to raise awarness about cancer, organic farming, the local lake reduction and seed saving…
– Grow fruit trees, roses and lavender thanks to the help of some volunteers
Many shelters in wood, stones and wool carpets made the place look like a forteress. Among volunteers from Turkey, Ukrain, Russia, Amercia, Canada and Indonesia, I helped to cut trees and roses bushes, and feed the animals.
I also followed Öztürk in his nightly healing of cows. I was impressed by the way he checked them! I also had time to walk around, enjoying the flowers, the lake and the goats…

Here are the pictures:


If you want to volunteer at Lisinia, contact Efe on the Facebook page of the projet.


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