Paliomylos, the “promised land” ?

I am heading up the hill covered by olive trees and then, I discover a cute strong house surrounded by gardens… At the back of the house, seedlings are slowly growing in the nursery while Mitcho and Bino are catching mice. The place has a beautiful aura with its clear river, its colorful flowers, its bees, turtles and wild cats… I have the feeling I reached “home” as soon as I arrive !!
Giorgos settled on his father’s olive grow about one year ago. With many friends, he started to grow veggies, mushrooms, seedlings. He also planted more than a hundred trees and installed a compost toilet and a rampump. He makes his bread himself and harvests a lot of herbs and edible leaves around his house. He even got a hand-made hoven thanks to a smith friend. And he still has dozen of projects in his mind, like installing a summer shower, building a yoga room or making some music instruments…
There is a lot to do in this season : we have to take care of the nursery, prepare the garden for the summer, make more compost and plant potatoes… We also make bread, bitter orange jam, dry herbs and harvest mushrooms. I even have time for some experiment: I make a great kombucha and start a culture of Effective Microorganisms.
Giorgos also show us the mountains and waterfalls near his farms. We enjoyed the beautiful beach for rest and acro-yoga. And I spend the most amazing Easter with his family, enjoying grilled lamb and traditional dances! Giorgos’ mum knows a lot about the local plants and has many hand-made fabrics. It seems, the village of Rovies still holds some precious traditional knowledge…

If you want to know more, here is the blog of Paliomylos 🙂

And here are the pictures :the paradise beach


My 30th birthday in Istanbul !!

I left Izmir by hitch-hiking to spend my birthday in Istanbul. I spend one night in Manisa and reach Istanbul the next day just before the week-end. I have to admit, I am glad to leave Turkey as hitch-hiking there by myself has really been annoying sometimes.
For my last visit in Istanbul, I discover Kadiköy neighbourghood. It is a very alternative place with squats and collective cafés. I went to one of them called Komsu, managed among other people by a French girl. There are also a lot of tattoo shops, so I finaly decide to get a new tattoo for my birthday ! My host in Kadiköy advises me a good place, and Scoot and his roommate go there with me. I am really stressed because I draw the design myself. But 3 hours later, I am really happy of the result!
After partying and relaxing in Istanbul, I am hitch-hiking to Greece. I got stuck for sometimes at the border, but finaly reach Thessaloniki at dawn. I randomly met there another traveler looking for a place to sleep. My host is kind enough to host him too! The next day is harder as the road to Athens is closed. I have to make a huge detour and then miss the last ferry for Evia Island. So I have to spend the night in Glyfas next to the see. It is beautiful and I managed to get an hotel room for free! The next day, I take the first ferry and reach Paliomylos (Giorgios’ farm, meaning the old watermill) in the morning…

And here are the pictures:

how it looks at the end :)

The first Erdship of Turkey !

I meet Erdem in a lost village, where he decided to build an Earthship (or I should say an Erdship as the name Earthship is protected !!) by watching videos on You Tube. He never built a house before or saw a “real” Earthship but he is very creative self-motivated… He started last September. Since then, more than 50 volunteers joined him over time to fill tires with earth, build walls with glass bottles and mud or concrete pillars…
But first, what is an earthship? It is a home build with recycled material like old tires, glass or plastic bottles, cans… It is also a self-reliant house for water and energy using solar panels, a tank for the rain water and a greenhouse to bring light and heat inside.
When we arrived, the Earthship is already on a good way. The walls are in place, with tires for the main room and bottles and mud for the bathroom. The wooden roof is also almost finished. Erdem works on it every day as we are plastering the tires with cob (a mix of clay, sand, limestone and cement).
The Erdship should be finished in two months. I am very curious to see the result !! I unfortuntaly can’t stay so long, but I will look on its Facebook page.

And here are the pictures:

windows made with tires !!

If you want to help Erdem to build his Erdship or simply visit it once it’s finished, you can directly contact him here: