The first Erdship of Turkey !

I meet Erdem in a lost village, where he decided to build an Earthship (or I should say an Erdship as the name Earthship is protected !!) by watching videos on You Tube. He never built a house before or saw a “real” Earthship but he is very creative self-motivated… He started last September. Since then, more than 50 volunteers joined him over time to fill tires with earth, build walls with glass bottles and mud or concrete pillars…
But first, what is an earthship? It is a home build with recycled material like old tires, glass or plastic bottles, cans… It is also a self-reliant house for water and energy using solar panels, a tank for the rain water and a greenhouse to bring light and heat inside.
When we arrived, the Earthship is already on a good way. The walls are in place, with tires for the main room and bottles and mud for the bathroom. The wooden roof is also almost finished. Erdem works on it every day as we are plastering the tires with cob (a mix of clay, sand, limestone and cement).
The Erdship should be finished in two months. I am very curious to see the result !! I unfortuntaly can’t stay so long, but I will look on its Facebook page.

And here are the pictures:

windows made with tires !!

If you want to help Erdem to build his Erdship or simply visit it once it’s finished, you can directly contact him here:


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