My 30th birthday in Istanbul !!

I left Izmir by hitch-hiking to spend my birthday in Istanbul. I spend one night in Manisa and reach Istanbul the next day just before the week-end. I have to admit, I am glad to leave Turkey as hitch-hiking there by myself has really been annoying sometimes.
For my last visit in Istanbul, I discover Kadiköy neighbourghood. It is a very alternative place with squats and collective cafés. I went to one of them called Komsu, managed among other people by a French girl. There are also a lot of tattoo shops, so I finaly decide to get a new tattoo for my birthday ! My host in Kadiköy advises me a good place, and Scoot and his roommate go there with me. I am really stressed because I draw the design myself. But 3 hours later, I am really happy of the result!
After partying and relaxing in Istanbul, I am hitch-hiking to Greece. I got stuck for sometimes at the border, but finaly reach Thessaloniki at dawn. I randomly met there another traveler looking for a place to sleep. My host is kind enough to host him too! The next day is harder as the road to Athens is closed. I have to make a huge detour and then miss the last ferry for Evia Island. So I have to spend the night in Glyfas next to the see. It is beautiful and I managed to get an hotel room for free! The next day, I take the first ferry and reach Paliomylos (Giorgios’ farm, meaning the old watermill) in the morning…

And here are the pictures:

how it looks at the end :)


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