Starones, creative solutions in the middle of the mountains…

The « starones » project started 5 years ago, when Mathias, Stella and their little boy settled on their parents’ land. They live in a caravan while they were building their home in straw balls and cob. They organized various seminars to build the house, but also an outside kitchen, some stoves and other cob buildings. They also build a geodesic dome, which is now used as a workshop, a relaxing place and even a greenhouse !!.
Many people pass by to help them, and some stayed more permanently. So 2 years ago, they decided to buy another land deeper in the mountain. It was pretty isolated with no access to water and road. So they have to find creative solutions. After trying to use a donkey, they carry heavy material thanks to a flying fox! They also found a spring 2km away. So they carry the water with a very long pipe and store it in huge plastic bags. They even have very original compost toilets made of recycled windows shutters and with long black barrels to gather a lot of heat and kill the bad bacteria.

Here are the pictures: