Strasbourg, the green city

First, I will explain you how I managed to follow my ideals back home, in a city life far from my rural travelling life style… You will discover there is also many ways to be green in a city in Europe :

  • No car, just use your bike: I discover how easy it is to go around the city by bike. No worries of parking and their cost, just enjoying the sun and the numerous bicycles lines. And if my bike breaks down, an association is ready to teach me how to repare it with second-hand pieces. This is a really fun way to move around in summer and for small disctance, otherwise I still use hitch-hiking…
  • Why buy new, just use second-hand: I discovered several associations and networks to by second-hands clothes, furnitures, books, dishes and about everything esle… For example, Emmaüs is selling for very cheap many articles. Otherwise, every small village in Alsace organizes big second-hand market during the summer…
  • Consume local, seasonal and organic: no more supermarket and industrialized products, a local network is emerging selling food produced locally and in an environmental friendly way. Farmer stores, AMAPs or farmer markets are many way to consume better and local products certified by AB or Demeter labels.
  • Start home gardening and composting : even in cities and small flats it is possible to grow a few tomatoes and to recycle kitchen waste by starting a small compost pile. The city itself is financing compost equipment if several people agree to use them…
  • Eat alive, wild, fermented or dried : eating more raw and alive food is easy by germinating some seeds at home. Preparing probiotic is also easy by making kombucha and kefir. I discover a website where you can easily get the starter and many advices. And even around cities it is easy to find some wild fruits and plants to pick and cook. In Germany there is a map indicating all the places where you can pick fruits for free J I also installed a home-made solar dryer to dry some plants…

With all these new way to live in a city, I reduced my environmental impact a lot. But it is sometimes a fight to avoid using a car, plastics and all kind of pollution, because it is everywhere…


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