Promenade around the South of France

I first visited the community of La Borie in the Cevennes Mountains. An old stones house has been occupied to resist against the construction of a water dam decades ago. They won and the place became a peaceful commune hosting many travelers. Now owned by the village next by, the place extended with a straw-clay yurt, a few tipis and many gardens and orchards along the clear river…

I then arrived at the Mas de Jammes in the Aveyron department. Many builders are living there together in the middle of the chicken and the goats… They work outside to gather money and just bought an old lime factory. They want to renovate to place to host cultural events (exhibitions, dance classes, concerts…). The last generation grew veggies and medicinal plants according to biodynamic principles. The idea would be in the future to create an alternative medicinal retreat…

Afterwards, I spent some time with Cecile the herbalist, selling her own products on the market. I discover with her a whole world of alternative projects. We visited together a production of Spirulina (an alga rich in protein and iron) and mini phyto-purification sanitation system build by the neighbor. A random encounter rich in discoveries…

I also visited the « Oasis of Lentiourelle » following the ideas of Pierre Rabhi and agro-ecology. Seven people are living there together, taking care of some chicken, donkeys and horses. They organize many cultural and spiritual events and a participative construction project every month. Nevertheless, some of the shareholders decided to leave the commune, resulting in deep financial and legal issues…

I finaly rapidly passed in La Borie Noble, a commune existing since 40 years and following the non-violoence principle of Lanza del Vasto…

To see some pictures, just click on the link below:



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