Longomai: when political activism leads to the fields…

I arrived in Longomai for just a few days and I ended up living there for month because it is the perfect place to learn how to live in a community and be more autonomous…

It is really hard to sum up what is Longomai in a few words. It is a unique place because of its age, the large number of people living there, their way of living and of course its history of political and social activism… They don’t like to be called an ecovillage, or a farm, or even a community, as they feel to be a commune, fighting for social rights since 40 years…

Longomaï has been created by French, German, Austrian and Swiss activists who wanted to put their idealism into practice. They left their towns to settle on a 250 hectares land in a desertified region. Beginnings have been very hard, living in a very small old house, in the cold and without enough to eat… Step by step, they learnt about farming while they also animated a free radio, helped migrants and fought for the local school to stay open. Often criticized by the press, accused to be a sect or the host illegal migrants, they successfully resisted until nowadays.

Today about 120 people are living in three beautiful stone farms and numerous eco-constructions (yurt, caravans, woodhouse…). A network of smaller farms also emerged around the first place, specialized in specific fields (whole clothes, wood harvest, wine making…). In total, about 200 people are living sharing the same ideals in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even Ukraine and Costa Rica…

Everything is shared : meals, work, money and parties. Thanks to generous supporters from Switzerland, Longomai can afford to continue its social fight while hosting friends from other communes or visitors seeking alternative ways of living… So here is a brief presentation of Longomaï, but there is so much more to say… in a next post 

Click here ot see some pictures:



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