Terre rouge: hosting at the end of the world

In the south of France, near Die, at the far end of a mountain path, you will find a magic place called Terre Rouge. It is a vast stone house with some other stone buildings waiting to be renovated, surrounded by forests, gardens, fruit trees and a few chicken and donkeys.
Gilles and his daughter Luna are living there since 16 years. Since 6 months, Aurore and Joseph joined them with their new born Isaïe. Even if the place is isolated, it is always full of visitors. People in holidays can rent some rooms to enjoy the mountains, whereas many woofers are helping with the garden, the cooking, the care of Isaïe or the construction of a wonderful yurt. Friends of all ages are also passing by to enjoy a great evening around the fire, a nice Moroccan couscous or a bath in the river nearby. Even the neighbor often brings his goats along with a good goat cheese or a few mushrooms. He likes to give advices from another age: “if everybody use to eat neetle regularly, we could close one pharmacy out of three !”.
The place is full of life with his long table full of visitors joyfully talking under the peer trees while the chicken are eating the rooted fruits on the floor… Each visitor brings his own energy and his creative ideas. It makes the place very rich, even if some cohabitations are sometimes a little tensed…

And here are the pictures:



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