Collet farm: an energetically sober community

I follow a training on “how to grow organic spirulina” in the Collet Farm in the South of France. It was a very good occasion to discover this small community of 8 people who settle in 2011 on a land of 24 hectares.

The farm is a place to experiment how to acheive food and energy autonomy by following the “agroecologie” principle (close to permaculture). The land has been divided in parcelles between the different families, who founded an association called “Ecoagir ensemble” (acting ecologicaly together) following very precises rules… For exemple, they refuse the use of unecesseary machinery in the every day life anf also in the fields and gardens. As a resulte, Kathia and Bertrand are washing their closes with a bike-wasing-machine they constructed themselves since several years. They use solar energy for light and a mass wood heater to heat their whole house. Even the paddle wheels used in the spirulina ponds are using solar energy !

Each family has her own house, her own garden and her own source of income. They don’t share meals together. For example, françoise and Diego get specilized in the production of cereales over 1 hectare of land to produce and sell their own bread. They adapted a little the rules of the assocation as they use tractors on their field…

Nevertheless, some garden and orchads are managed together and once a week, the families work together to take care of them. Collective gathering and dicussion also happen about 2 to 4 time a weeks to talk about practical questions as weel as social and relational ones using a non-violent communication.

I spent a few days with Katia and Bertrand who a growing spirulina and selling goat cheese. They are eating only raw food following their instinct, meaning they don’t transform the food and eat a lot of wild plants. The food is not only not cooked, it is also not mixed with other food to keep its natural flavor, so our instinct can really recognize what is good for our body… (so very far away from the raw food cook I met in Turkey).

And here are some pictures (just click on the picture):


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