“Le souffle du rêve” : a self-managed festival to gather alternative intitiatives


 This year I attended the third edition of the self-manged festival called “Le Souffle du Rêve”. It is a two weeks-festival happing in the south of France near Le Gars, welcoming various actors of the transition toword a more social and ecological world. All the pices were free and much energy autnomy was favoured. The place was organize around different themes: food autonomy, energy autonomy, handwork, live art, health, eco-construction, kids area…. The event was initiated by the association éRe d’évolution, and gathered several hundreds of people. To know more about the event, you can visite their website.

What especcially strucked me was the coherence of the whole event:

  • eneregy autonomy through solar panels and a big genertor using recycled oil.
  • sanitary autonomy thanks to compost toilets, simple showers and tranches to evacute the water. People could even use a bike-wasing machine !
  • waste management by using washable or biodegradable dishes. Many wasts were sorted out and directly reused during the festival (steel reinforcement bars for the smith, glass jars for the kitchens, bricks and plastics for artists…)
  • food autonomy thanks to the participaction of local veggies, honey and spirulina producers. A self-managed kitchen and many organic and vegen restaurants at free price eneble a healthy diet.
  • rich and diversified conferences and pratical workshop, among other we had conferences of  Maurice Chaudière on alternative beekeeping and grafting, of Eric Escoffier on ground regeneration and of Thierry Casanova on the body regeneration.
  • self-managed event as anyone could propose his own workshop, talk or discussion or simply give a hand at the parking lot, the arrangement of the place, the kitchen, the waste sorting… But self-managment isn’t an easy concept, especially when the participants are not sensibilized to it, but it was very instructive to try 🙂
  • an attempt to let a collective intelligence to emerge thanks to many debats in the agora around central themes with a large number of participants
  • various associations invited which enabled many initiatives to converge together toward a real transition.For example, these association took part to the festival:

feufollet                              cen

To see some pictures, just click in the picture below:


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