Practical course on wild plants cooking !!

Thanks to my agricultural training, I could join a 3-days practical course on eadible wild plants in the Jura mountains in France. This training starts the beginning of many wild meals as springs was transforming all the fields in food store !! I started to cook wild plants for my family, couchsurfers who hosted me and finaly the whole community of Longomaï (120 people).

We spent the first day indentifying all the available plants. Juste a few hundred meters from the school, we found about 30 different eadible plants. The second day, we elaborated a “wild menu” before picking all the required plants. We spent the rest of the time cooking all the meals to be able to savour them together at the end of the training.


Fried lime-tree cones filled with wild aspargus
Wild origano pesto on toasts
Gallium cream
White wine flavoured with asperula and “mélite”
Nettle and hawthorn syrup


Wild aspargus samossa with its wild salad
Cheese and butter flavoured with wild herbs
Achillea and goose cheese sanwich


Main dishs
Hogweed, lungwort and primrose lasagna
Nettle pie
Wild plants tabbouleh
Comfrey fritters


Chocolate cake with ivy flavoured custared
Acacia fritters
Fir tree ice cream
Hogweed sorbet
Caramelized wild salsifies

And here are some picutures (just click on the link):


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