Spring ceremony in Eourres

Eourres is an alernativ village of about 140 inhabitants at about 1000 m high in the South of France. It was first occupied by a community in the 70’s with brought back the old ruines to live. Now the village is very dynamic with his communal kitchen, car-sharing board, alternativ bar and ornganic foodshop. I spend one week-end in this amazing village to visit Thierry, a friend who follows there a 6 months-course on autonomy based on eco-construction, veggies and fruits growing and organized by the association “Sens et Autonomie”. After a festive evening to welcome spring in the valley, we spend Sunday baking bread and cooking pizza in the communal wodden oven.

The life in Eourres isn’t a collective as in Longomaï: everybody has its own house, the meals aren’t shared and the exchanges stay often financial. Nevertheless, mutual assistance is very developped and cultural activites at free price are very frequents. The central point of the village is the city hall where all the inhabitants gather once a month to take all the decisions, but also the wood oven for the pizza evening, the communal room where various events are organized and the communal billboard where people get informed about the village life.

The village gets most incomes from eco-tourism and proposes many tringins. For example, l’Oserai du Possible offers basket-making classes . Organic agricultors and growers, as well as a baker, offers quality products to the inhabitants. Nevertheless, only one vegetable growers provides the village, and she will soon get retired. The village also hosts a Steiner school for nursery and primary school.

Here are a few pictures (just click on the picture):



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