The assocation “Par Nature” introduces me to ecological teaching

I spent one week as a trainee in Aurore’s gardens. She created the association “Par Nature” in 2007 near Autun in the middle of France. Her main purpose is to raise public awarness about the environment, to enable children to discover natural gardening and reproduce old varities of tomatoes.

It all started with the creation of a small educational garden which welcomed a few seasonal events around the year. A group of volonteers emerged and straw elevated mounds welcome new cultures according to the permaculture principles.  Then animals arrived: chicken, ducks, gooses, guinea fowls,partridge, pheasants,turkeys, goats, sheeps and even bees joined the team. The place isn’t big but biodiversity is present !

Nowadays, various aromatic plants, eadible flowers, berries and old veggies are growing in 2 different gardens. 40 volonteers are helping with the gardening and the organization of vents around the gardens. Moreover, 200 members are getting healthy and local vegetables from the gardens. Many kids are also visitng the gardens and are taking part the workshops. Aurore, the only paid employee of the association, is very busy. Fortunately a few wwoofers are helping her from time to time.

I spend one week seeding leef and roots vegetables, trying to respect the lunar cycle. I also cleaned the greenhouses and installed a hot greenhouse thanks to cow dung. I even follow Aurore in schools to learn about ecological teaching…

Here are some pictures (just click on the pitcure):

And if you want to do some woofing with Aurore et Bruno, you can directly contact them by filling this questionnary :


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