Agro-forestery classes in the “Amanins”

I took part to a 2-days class on how the settle a forest garden. The agroecological centre called “Les Amanins” hosted the training. It was a good occasion to discover this interesting place in the South East of France?

The Amanins Center was born 11 year ago when the famous Pierre Rabhi met a rich indutrial called Michel Valentin.Together they decided to create a place to welcome people and shore knowledges and experiences through 4 ways of autonomy:

  • Food autonomy: today 20ha of cereals and 1,3ha of veggies & fruits are cultivated,  and 50 sheeps and 3 cows enables to produce cheese. This food enables to feed the visitors at 90%.
  • Energy autonomy: it is still to reach through the installation of solar panel and the reparation of the wind turbine…
  • Construction autonomy: they used essentially local ressources by building wood structures filled with straw and clay.
  • Financial autonomy is possible thanks to the school which welcome 35 kids, the hosting of the visitors and the pedagogical activities.

Today, the Center is a big structure hiring 15 people with exactly the same salary to care about the visitors, the gardens and the animals. The primary school is a separated structure, which was an Assiciation and will soon become a Fondation. It uses Montessori technics. A new structure called l’Université de l’Avenir pour is emerging to take care of adult teaching. The classes I folloowed are the first organized by this new structure.

One question leads to the development of the place

What planet will we let to our children and what children will we let to our planet ?


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