Chatermerle woollen mill

In 1976, Longomaï buy an old woollen mill in the Alpes, which isn’t production since 7 years. The owner teaches them his knowledge and the woollen mill start to produce again ! The machines are remplaced little by little, but they stay mecanic using water power. The woollen mill transforms today 12 tonnes of wool every year, coming from local sheeps to produce pull-overs, socks, jackets, hats, blankets…

It is a long process which starts with the wool cleaning in the summer, just after the shearing and the sorting. The wool must then dry and is stored until ti will get used. Each product is a precise mix of various wool of different quality and colors (Mohair, Bizet…). After adding some oil to the wool, it passes in various machine to card it and spin it and the weave it or knit it. The piece of wool are then sewed together by hand to create clothes.

In the past, several families lived in the woollen mill but today all the members are coming temporaly to keep the machine going, produces clothes and sell them in the shop. The products are also sold on many markets, espacially Christmas markets in Switzerland…

And here are some pictures:


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