Nuit Debout: is change on the way ?

During my last stay in Paris, I discovered a new movement growing bigger on the Republic place in the center of Paris. I was impressed by this self-managed dynamic, full of ideas and initiatives 🙂

Every thing started with the succes of the movie “Merci Patron” cirticizing the closing of a firm of the LVMH group, and the confrontation on the “Work Law” followed, but today the movement goes deeper… Everyday an community talk in agora in happening on various places in France, where anyone can speak about politics, environment, democracy, immigration, arts…

The movement is unfortunately assimilited with vandals who are organizing riots late in the night after the talks and debats. But according the me, the movement “Nuit Debout” isn’t this hate of the system pushing people to degradate the city and fight with the police, it is rather a positiv energy pushing people to think by themselves how we could improve the system and create a real community demacraty… And this process starts with the gathering of citizens asking themselves good questions, thinking together without hierarchie about the solutions…

One Sunday afternoon, I could observe on the Republic place many groups of discussions and various workshops which spontaneously emerged… They talked about the danger of nuclear power, the issues of migrations, the possibility to create a new constitution… as some others share seeds of rearange the publicity of the neighbourghood… Just see by yourself through this pictures:


They even started a radio (but all in French sorry :)):


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