The long story of the recycle factory in Vigan

I gave a hand during one week to the recycle factory situated in the Cevenne mountaines in the center of France. This place has been created by people calling theselves the “rainbow warriors”.

About 15 years ago, after studing community education, Elise and Uto started to travel around the world presenting a show on peace called “Black and White”. In 2007, they organized a 4-months walk from the Pyreneens mountaines to Paris against the climate heating and the social glaciation. Afterwards, they settled in the forest with a nice autonomy. They organized in the period the first “Souffle du rêve”. They unfortunately had to leave their home in the forest, but thi was also the beginning of a new adventure !!

They decided to rent a 3 5000 m² former textile factory to create a place open to the public:

  • recycle factory where they sell furnitures, clothes, games…
  • repare workshops to work with wood, iron or electricity…
  • artistic workshops to sew clothes, paint, play music…
  • cultural spaces: cinema, library, kids space
  • but also a kitchen, an office, and many rooms for storage…

In one week, I cleaned and organized many furnitures and even cleaned the banks of the river next door. We also cooked many veggies and wild plants, met many people with similar desirs to settle in a natural place, and took place to various talking circle. We spent amazing moment there, giving hope in humanity !!

So if you want to support this project, you can give them some money on this website HelloAsso (Sorry it is only in French).

And here you can see some pictures:



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