The “Recyclerie” an ecological alternative in the heart of Paris

The REcyclerie  opened on the 4th of June 2014 in a former train station called Ornano de la after 8 months of refection works. The place tourns around 3R values meaning Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and of “Do it yourself”. So I discovered there several spaces to eat, to reaxe, to garden and to repare…

  • the “café-cantine” offers meals made with local veggies and fruits, some are vetetarian or even vegan.  A soup-bar offers various delicious soup. A terasse an a mezzanin enable to relaxe with friends or connect to Internet. The place is a little posh and the prices too unfortunately. But you can still get a coffee for 1€!
  • René’s workshop enables to give a second life to all anything on your house. René helps you to repare and even lends you for free various tools…
  • the  urban farm  covers 400 m² with aromatic plants, veggies and fruits, as well as chicken, red fishes and very soon beehives. Thanks to vertical cultures, the cultivated place is doubled, which is a necessity in the city where soace is limited. Even the roof is used !
  • Various wrorkshop organized during the week enablen to visit the garden, learn how to make his own make-up product, or compost box, recycle his clothes or even make yoga or get massages… The agenda is really full !!

Here are some photos (Click on the pic to see more):


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