The permaculture philosophy is to work with the nature and not against. It follows a basic ethic and gives principles which enables an hamonious integration of human activites into the ecosystems.

In the middle of the 70’s, the australiens Bill Mollison and David Holmgren began to develop the ideas, they though could be used to create stable agricultural systems. This work resulted from their perception of the destroying use of agro-industrial methods poisonning the water and the earth, reducing biodiversity and eroding lands who were fertile beforehands.

Permaculture first depends on a carefull observation of the nature and its natural cycles, to use them to produce more and better. The use of agroforestry, which enriched the land and enables cultures on different layers, species diversifications, all trach recycling, animals and plants growing in parallele, the use of plants’ natural properties instead of herbicides, pesticides or feertilizers are some other principles of permaculture. As the concept of ecovillage, permaculture is not a fixed science, but rather a philosophy of life covering different realities depending on the place where it is apllied, in constant move thanks to new epxeriements.


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