Permaculture’s principles

  • Observe the nature because everything is growing there naturally without external intervention. Everything is also recycled in a closed cycle without producing any waste. For example, a dead tree will become mushrooms and worms food and be transformed in humus, useful to other plants. When we think about it, it’s an amazing system, highly adaptable, which is lasting since billions of years! This is what permaculture is about: producing yield (and even live) which chemical and waste.

 «Would it not be interesting to consult Nature, as she is the best gardener of all» Henry David Thoreau

  • Establish connexions back because in the Nature everything is interconnected. If the smallest animal disappeared, all the ecosystem is in danger because even the smallest worm plays a very important role. For example, the tree provides shade to the cows when they rest. In exchange, they provide manure to the tree through their poo. Permaculture tends to recreate these natural cycles which have been broken by modern agriculture. How to expect a field to stay rich, when you grow wheat every year for sale and don’t give anything back to the land, either than chemicals? Men have to learn how to fit in the whole ecosystem including their house, garden and surroundings.

 « Earth is producing enough to satisfy men needs, but not men greed » Gandhi


  • Live with the nature and not limiting himself to its « use ». Modern men tend to push the nature to adapt to their high needs and expectations. As a result, natural resources are reducing and getting polluted. These two phenomenon are going together, because what is only “used” and not given back to the Nature, results in depletion and pollution. So men have to learn to give back to the Nature: give back the shower water to the plants, give back kitchen waste and poo to the soil… And of course, men have to learn how to produce less artificial waste.

« The ultimate purpose of natural agriculture is not the field culture, but the culture and improvement of Men» Masonobu Fukuoka


So permaculture is a way to « grow his own garden » in a literal way as well as in a figurative way. Permaculture teaches us how to live respecting the Nature, but also respecting other human beings. It is not only a way to grow food, but also to construct his house or raise his children. It is a whole life philosophy based on respect and balanced exchanges. Step by step, it is the whole community, the whole village, the whole nation, the whole world who have to become one single balanced ecosystem.


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