An healthy diet

Here are various recipies, I gather during my travel:

« We are what we eat »

Every cell of our body is made with what we eat. So our diet has a huge impact on the health of our body, but olso of our mind. As a kid, I learned that an healthy diet is composed of veggies, starch and meat. But my veggies have been too often just a little bit of tomatoes sauce with pasta and meat. Growing up I understood that vegetable must have a way bigger place in my meals. They should not be on the side, by the main part of the meal. Starch and eventually meat should by on the side.

I was vegetarian for 2 years, almost vegan for several months while I was traveling in India, and I tried a raw food diet for 10 days. There is hundreds of different diets you can try, each has its advantage and drawbacks. Some even contradict each other. I think, every diet has its properties, and its is not necessary to be too strict as long as you respect some rules…

Le plus important, c’est de trouver son propre équilibre:

  • Every human being has a different metabolisme. So you have to observe the reaction of your body and adapt your diet accordingly. There is for exemple a a diet adapted to each blood type
  • It is important not to eat to much meat. Our modern diet includes meat in every meals. But our body doesn’t need it and it is even unhealthy on the long term.
  • It is very important to eat veggies every meals, raw and cooked. Our meals should be composed at least of 50% veggies and half of these should be raw. Because the raw vegetable gather most of the vitamines and minerals.
  • By eating more veggies, you reduce the amont of starch you are eating? I though, for a long time, that I will be hangry if I didn’t eat starch at every meal. But it is psychologic. If you start to eat less starch, your stomach and mind will adapt and you won’t carve for it and feel hundry !
  • Avoid to eat to much sugar, especially the white refined sugar !! Sugar in excess provoques a lot of diseases. So sweet breakfast and sweet desert at the end of the meals aren’t good habits…
  • Avoid all the industrial products, especially white rafined suger, wheat and rice… It is better to consume honey, melasse, whole wheat or rice. They are way richer in nutriments and minerals, and not as dangerous for your health !
  • Avoid all industrialized cooked meals full of preservatives, sugar, artificial colorants or flavors, and other unknown additives… On the contrary, try to cook home made food with organic or home grown veggies!
  • Try to pay attention to really healthy food. You don’t necesseraly need to get “superfood” coming from far away. In every region of the world, you can find special healthy food like raw olive oil, garlic, nuts, cabadges, spirulina, honey, coconut, tumeric…
  • Fast from time to time to purify your body and your mind. We accumulate a lot of toxines in our body, so it is important to clean regularly our digestiv tube. Moreover, fasting enables our mind to realize that we are not totaly dependent on food. We can survive several days without eating. There are even some yogis who only live with sun energy…

A movie to see absolutly:



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