Who I am ?

I am a 30 year old French girl, from Alsace. I studied business in Grenoble, France, and then in the United States, in Illinois. I got interested in microfinance, a financial system providing small loans to the poorest people in order to create income genrating activites, and thus improve their living conditions. I started to work in a French association, called Adie, in the parisian suburbs. But I wanted to go in a developping country since a long time, to discover other way to live. This is the reason why I landed in Chad in 2010, to work as a volonteer for 2 years. I was part of a small association invovled in rural developpement, in the south of the country. It enabled me to discover other ways to live, far from our consuming society, and a lot closer to the nature and including even more natural social relations. I didn’t idealized these ways to live, but I realized they were in danger. Instead of letting these people find their own way between our knowledge and their traditional way to live, the capitalism is pushing them toward a unique track, reproducing all our issues: monoculture, tractors and pesticides use, importations dependance, urbanisation…


It is high time to look for this alternativ way to live, between our modern knowledge and the ancestral one, because our accidental way to live is nor sustainable, nor extensible to the world. If don’t change our habits, whithin a few decades, our athmosphere will be oppressive, the land sterile, and the water polluted… Do we have to wait until it’s to late to react ? We shoul stop the think that the new technologies will solve the problem “magicaly”. We have to assume our mistakes, and act today ! We have to consume less, to produce localy, to rebuilt the local communities, to relearn how to work with the nature, and not against ! This is the reason why I decided to travel to discover ecovillages, organic farms and permaculture techniques in Asia and Latine America. The aim is to gahter a lot of knowledge in order to spread it, wake people up, and maybe, give birth to new initiatives… It’s only the beginning of a much longer journey.

If you want to contact me to give me some feedback or talk about your own initiative, just fill this form:


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